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How Enterprise-wide Process Modeling Enables Digital Business Transformation

Comment la modélisation de processus à l'échelle de l'entreprise permet la transformation des activités numériques.

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  • Version PDF - 13 pages - 2017 - Anglais
How Enterprise-wide Process Modeling Enables Digital Business Transformation

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"Susan is a CTO of a leading telemedicine firm. Competition in this field is fierce and new business models are emerging rapidly. To lead the industry in features, Susan wants to add Amazon Echo to their platform so customers can order drugs and vitamins directly from this e-commerce giant. Moreover, the research department aims to incorporate diagnoses and suggested behavioral changes based on data from the home unit and integrate with leading wearables like FitBit. This will involve cognitive platforms, including IBM’s Watson. These ambitious objectives would affect, sometimes radically, nearly every process in Susan’s organization while raising untold risk and compliance issues. But if Susan’s company wants to be a market leader, transformation is essential.

This is an all-too familiar scenario. Businesses, government entities, and non-government organizations everywhere struggle with the pace, volume, and complexity of change. Many seek to adapt, but they often act in a vacuum and lack the context, control, or understanding to affect the desired organizational change. As a result, vast resources are wasted by multiple groups within the same organization all responding to the same change in isolation."

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