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Top five worst practices in Data and Analytics

Top 5 des mauvaises pratiques les plus répandues en matière de BI.

Top five worst practices in Data and Analytics

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"These are boom times for business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Never before have so many variables aligned to enable the opportunity for data- and insight-driven business. There are more data sources, greater computing power, cheaper storage, better information management, and more intuitive analytical technologies.

Still, many BI and analytics implementations don’t deliver the desired or anticipated results. Companies of all sizes suffer from countless oversights and poor judgment calls during planning, technology selection, and rollout – mistakes that can be detrimental to ultimate success. Even the smartest, best-run businesses in the world commit common missteps that doom BI and analytics projects to shelfware and relative-to-complete failure.

This white paper discusses five of the worst practices we see in the world of BI and analytics, outlines their negative impact from a technology and a business perspective, and serves as a guide for avoiding them.

We hope that you’ll learn from the mistakes of others to ensure successful BI and analytics implementations in your own organization."

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