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Call Center 101

Ce livre blanc vous expliquera les stratégies fondamentales à mettre en place pour bien manager vos centres d'appel.

  • EditeurAircall
  • Version PDF - 44 pages - 2017 - Anglais

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"It is a well known fact that call centers are constantly looking for hires. Call center agents do not require specific qualifications to perform their job, therefore it's not easy to spot a good potential hire.

In 2013 Deloitte conducted a survey about contact centers workforce. Their findings are not surprising: the primary concern of call centers is workforce availability.

Hiring a call center agent that will excel at their job has never been easy. They are required to have a fitting personality, display relevant skills, and be motivated. This sounds straightforward, but what happens when you have dozens of candidates who meet the criteria?

We have prepared a guide to help you spot an agent that stands out and that would excel at their position. Let’s take a look at the core skills you should look for in a call center agent."

Call Center 101