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How to hire and empower an all-star customer support team

Découvrez ce livre blanc d'exception d'Aircall qui vous explique pourquoi il est nécessaire de prendre son temps pour recruter une équipe d'assistance au client, et quels erreurs il faut éviter dans ses démarches.

  • EditeurAircall
  • Version PDF - 20 pages - 2016 - Anglais
How to hire and empower an all-star customer support team

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The realization that your business needs to hire a new support staff member might come gradually, or might hit you like a ton of bricks. As your venture grows, you’ll find that you cannot keep expanding with an understaffed support department.

Needing to enlarge your support team means experiencing the influence of both a carrot and a stick. The endeavor is difficult and potentially daunting, but is also a promise of tremendous benefit for your business.

Speed ranks extremely high in client expectations of customer support. Frequent pain points for customers include long wait times and multiple transfers. Customers even recall favorably experiences where they obtained a quick answer to a question, even if that answer wasn’t the one they’d hoped. Customers expect a prompt answer from your team. This is difficult to pull off with an undermanned support team."

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