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Cet ouvrage vous propose des solutions que Techniques de L'ingénieur a élaboré !

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"Do you want acquire qualified leads through prestigious communication?

The Web Conference offer is a live video on the theme of your choice. Co-presented with your expert, it will be viewed by a qualified audience of engineers, directors and technicians.

Techniques de l’Ingénieur will take care of everything!
Communication, organization, animation (surveys and questions / answers), reports, video editing and diffusion.

What about your content?
Online demonstration of your software, case study on the benefits of your innovation, or debate … whatever the argument you choose, you will immediatly obtain significants results to measure your investment.

Download our media kit to get all the details of our three offers;
« full package » or « live package » for a complete communication service, or « replay package » to increase visibility and efficiency of your recorded webinar."

Media kit Webinar