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Women's confidence

Ce livre blanc aide les femmes à prendre confiance en elles !

  • EditeurEranos
  • Version PDF - 182 pages - 2021 - Anglais
Women's confidence

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Why does women’s confidence matter ?

Because the more confident women are, the easier it is for them to act. Confidence empowers women to talk, write, raise their hands, raise their fists, get involved in politics and even start a business. A lack of confidence can just as easily prevent women from thriving on a personal level as it can inhibit them from contributing to their communities in a meaningful way.

These matters impact us all. Because when women thrive, societies prosper. This is why we are publishing this White Paper: to reach businesses, organizations, academics, committed feminists and all curious readers who wish to increase women’s confidence. We would like to help you skip the trial and error process, and enable you to immediately assess where confidence is most needed. And more specifically, to address the factors that drive and compromise it."

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