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2014 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

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"2013 was another watershed year in the life of digital, marked by transformative changes in how people interacted with technology, how content evolved the new media paradigm, and how businesses developed through digital advertising and commerce.

While certain industry observers lamented a relative lack of tech product innovation, what such proclamations ignore are the profound changes in digital consumer behavior across a variety of sectors, including mobile, social media, video, advertising, search and e-commerce. The incredible evolution occurring in the marketplace today is the result of several transformative shifts: (...) Platform, Content, Demographic, Marketing.

(...) With these fundamental shifts in mind, we will examine how today’s digital media landscape has changed over the past few years and what that means for the year ahead – and beyond. It is an exciting time in digital and we hope this exploration of today’s key issues helps put the Digital Future in Focus for you and your business."

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