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Droits et rémunération des auteurs audiovisuels en Europe. 2ème édition (2015)

  • EditeurSAA
  • Version Pdf - 48 pages - Mars 2015 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The audiovisual industry makes a vital contribution to Europe both economically and culturally. There are approximately one million people directly working in the European audiovisual industry, an industry with ¤122 billion in revenues in 2013.

1,551 feature films were produced in 2013, box office receipts were ¤6.28 billion and a staggering 8,828 television channels and more than 3,000 on-demand platforms were offering access to audiovisual programmes 1 .

Since the 1 st edition of this white paper in 2011, box office receipts have grown despite a difficult economic climate. There are over 1,000 new television channels and the number of on-demand platforms has grown by over 400%.

All this shows that our industry continues to evolve at quite a pace. It has never been easier to watch your favourite films and TV shows.

Although more could still be done, it is clear that European works are more available than ever before. But this success is not necessarily being translated into increased remuneration for Europe’s screenwriters and directors."

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