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The future of claims processing is here... Are you ready?

Le traitement des sinistres nouvelle génération est arrivé... êtes-vous prêts ?

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  • Version PDF - 12 pages - 2017 - Anglais
The future of claims processing is here... Are you ready?

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"This paper is for C-Level insurance claims executives and claims decision makers seeking to explore the benefits of straight through claims processing and virtual claims handling to reduce claims leakage while optimizing the claims process and improving the customer experience. By leveraging modern content services, automation, and AI, insurance companies can discover significant cost savings, efciency gains, and improved customer loyalty.

Timing is Everything

Today’s insurance consumers demand a customer experience (CX) that mirrors the convenience and immediacy of online retailing. That experience requires a seasoned claims adjuster — but experienced resources in this area are rapidly vanishing.

It’s a problem known as “the graying of the insurance industry.” Insurance Journal estimates that half of the workers in the insurance industry will retire by 2025 – just six years from now."

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