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How Technology is Changing Mining - A focus on Australian mining

Digging deeper inside technologies and innovations which are transforming the today and tomorrow landscape of Australian mining industry, in increasing production, reducing costs and improving safety

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How Technology is Changing Mining - A focus on Australian mining

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Connectivity through data

The search for cost savings and improved efficiencies, along with quickly-evolving technology, has resulted in more effective utilisation and integration of data points across the site and throughout the process.

The result has been the creation of a tapestry of connectivity which has allowed for the evolution of the digital mine including everything from wearables on staff, in-pit equipment and monitoring devices, drone and GPS utilisation and increasingly, automation.

These combine to increase safety, improve production and to discover and implement new efficiencies through data collection and analysis.

Smart technologies include:
- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Automation - particularly useful for more efficient and safe operation of deep and remote mines
- High accuracy GPS - improves precision drilling and operation of autonomous vehicles
- Drone technology - offering real-time footage providing real-time information and data, used for maintenance and mapping
- 3D imaging - for understanding geology, identifying hazards and mineral exploration
- IOT (Internet of Things) Wearables on workers - offering on-demand and real- time critical data and information
- IOT Data optimisation and machine learning - data collected from equipment and devices informing decision-making processes
- SMART MINES - integration of mine- wide data collection devices to optimise mining operations from exploration to safe operation"

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