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Industrial service management study

Management des services industriels.

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  • Version PDF - 24 pages - 2014 - Anglais
Industrial service management study

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The market for industrial services in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is in a state of transition. In the past, industrial services have been delivered internally by a special business unit. As a result of outsourcing service packages step by step to third party suppliers, more and more suppliers from other sectors (industrial service providers) are entering the market in addition to the site operators. Some providers are positioned as „integrated service providers“ to take over responsibility for and ensure the operation of chemical and pharmaceutical sites.

So that you may respond more quickly to market developments and customer needs in the future, our Industrial Service Management Study provides information on the main market trends, the maturity of the providers and the purchasing decision criteria of chemical and pharmaceutical customers – today and in 2030. The results, such as the lack of maturity of the providers regarding their value-creation orientation and process excellence as well as the missing congruence between the needs of the customer and the providers performance, show a clear development potential. Providers would be well advised to critically assess their service portfolio to meet the increasing requirements of customers (e.g. flexibility and transparency) by 2030.

After successful completion of the study, it is our goal to be able to allow you to make a comparison of the current and future direction of your company relative to the market as a whole or to one of the two provider groups (site operators or industrial service providers) based on the previously collected representative study results (Visit our questionnaire). Additionally, we would enjoy the opportunity to present you with the results of our analysis, in the form of a tailored action plan."

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