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Embedding Business Analytics

Intégration de la Business Analytics : Comment améliorer la valeur de vos applications et augmenter vos revenus.

Embedding Business Analytics

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"Customers are demanding better reporting, business intelligence (BI), and analytics from their solution providers. As your customers demand these new capabilities, your ability to stay competitive and remain profitable will depend on how well you deliver those features.

Embedding analytics into your application offers a wealth of advantages for both you and your customers. For your users, it means deriving even more value from your solution. They’ll be able to strategically leverage data, not just from within your own software package, but also from across their enterprise. This will help them work more productively and make better, more informed decisions. They’ll also have a convenient way – from within your application’s workflow – to analyze and visualize data in a dependable and familiar environment. This provides not only convenience, but also context, making insights more relevant and valuable. They’ll be empowered to immediately react to business opportunities and challenges, achieve measurable performance results, and drive their business forward.

In fact, organizations that invest in analytics get a return of $9.01 for every dollar spent, according to Nucleus Research.

For you, embedded analytics means establishing a stronger position in your market. Whether your application is on-premises, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile, or cloud-based, extending it with embedded analytics can increase customer engagement and adoption, boost potential up-sell/ cross-sell revenue, and differentiate you from even your toughest competitors. It will also help you demonstrate value when customers come up for renewal – ensuring loyalty and stickiness because you offer valuable features that competing providers don’t."

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