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2017 Global enterprise security survey

Cette étude fait un état des lieux sur la cybersécurité en 2017 au sein des entreprises, analysant combien se sentent protégés, les mesures de sécurisation à prendre, etc...

  • EditeurFortinet
  • Version PDF - 8 pages - 2017 - Anglais
2017 Global enterprise security survey

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"At the time of writing, the dust is just settling on yet another highprofile data breach. A US credit report company experienced a attack between May and July 2017, in which hackers got away with the data of 143 million Americans.

By the time you read this, another equally catastrophic security breach may well have befallen another major business. They’re happening all the time. And for every step forward businesses take in their hack defenses, cybercriminals take two.

To avoid more compromised customer data and boardroom casualties, organizations need to ask themselves some hard questions.

Is the board truly committed to IT security? Have recent security breaches really changed security focus, spend and culture? Where has investment been and has it been in the right place?

These are the questions which Fortinet aims to answer through its 2017 global survey on the changing attitudes towards cybersecurity in business."

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