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Resarch-based Web design & usability guidelines

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"These Guidelines reflect HHS’ commitment to identifying innovative, research-based approaches that result in highly responsive and easy-to-use Web sites for the public.

The Federal government is the largest single producer, collector, consumer, and disseminator of information in the United States. The Internet provides the most efficient and effective way of making this information available to the widest possible audience.

Record numbers of citizens are accessing government sites 24 hours a day to find information and services that will improve their daily lives. This makes it all the more essential that the Federal government deliver Web technologies that enable and empower citizens.

These Guidelines help move us in that direction by providing practical, yet authoritative, guidance on a broad range of Web design and communication issues. Having access to the best available research helps to ensure we make the right decisions the first time around and reduces the possibility of errors and costly mistakes."

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