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Webinar Promotion Handbook

With these tips, you’ll learn how to gather high-quality registrants, and attract great leads to your events. Read on to find out how to use emails, social media, your own website, and paid media to successfully promote online events.

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Webinar Promotion Handbook

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"Online events are one of the strongest tools in a marketer’s toolkit. They are less expensive, easier to plan, and have a much higher ROI than in-person events. Not to mention that online events are the gift that keeps on giving: after the event ends the recordings can be repurposed in a million different ways. Marketers can continue to use them for social media, lead nurturing, and customer education.

But for an online event to be truly impactful, it is important for marketers to make sure they have a really high registration rate. Note that we aren’t even focused on attendance. Sure, everyone wants a lot of attendees for any given event. But registrations are important because they are the first step in the lead-nurturing process. Even if a registrant doesn’t follow through and attend your event, you have their contact information at hand for future marketing efforts."

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