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Attract New Students with Digital Marketing Tools

Download this ebook to discover creative ways to optimize your student journey to build loyalty. From back to school communications, to virtual career fairs, turn your students into your ambassadors.

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Attract New Students with Digital Marketing Tools

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"Build a solid contact list with these tactics

Once you have unified your existing contacts, it’s time to grow your lists. Collecting all relevant details such as name, email, level of studies, or location (if you only offer programs on campus) is key since it will help you segment your list, personalize, and tailor your content for driving conversions.
Here are a few tactics you might want to consider :

Signup forms

Signup forms are the easiest way to let potential students share their contact details and opt-in to receiving your communications. Getting a new contact added to your lists should be treated exactly like getting a new prospect, meaning you’ll want to get this person engaged straight away and to a point where they’re ready to ask for more information about your programs. Here are three important points to consider when growing your lists with signup forms:

  • - Using a double opt-in verification process : As a best practice, you should set up a double opt-in confirmation for new subscribers to avoid misspelled addresses from being added to your subscriber base.
    - Trying different placements of a contact form on your website : Use various placements across your site, for example, the sidebar, a thin banner on the top of the page, and a field in the footer to maximize subscriptions.
    - Using pop-ups appropriately : Pop-ups are an ideal resource to build a contact list since they easily catch visitors’ attention. For example, you can set a pop-up to only display for a specific segment of your audience (such as returning visitors or people in certain locations)."

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