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Digital Marketing - It doesn't have to be difficult

Contentserv vous livre plusieurs stratégies de Digital marketing pour vous faciliter la vie.

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  • Version PDF - 28 pages - 2016 - Anglais
Digital Marketing - It doesn't have to be difficult

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Thanks to digitalization, communication has changed drastically – both on a professional and a private level. Many communication channels are already at least partially digitalized, due to the frequent usage of mobile devices. Today’s consumers are cross-medially well-positioned: anyone can be reached anytime and anywhere and it’s now possible to get comprehensive information on products and services no matter where you are located. This has had an enormous impact on people’s purchasing behavior.

Companies are now faced with the challenging task of closing the digitalization gap, since this is the only way of achieving a positive customer experience. As a result, the role of marketers must also be adapted in order to better deal with today’s well-informed customers. Today it is more important than ever: to get to know your customers, to establish a personal and authentic relationship with them and to supply them with consistent content across all channels. This eBook will show how this is all possible despite an increasing number of touchpoints."

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