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Transforming video services

Ce livre blanc détaille les solutions de SES en matière de la transformation de services vidéo vers le HD.

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  • Version PDF - 8 pages - 2017 - Anglais
Transforming video services

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Since the creation of the HD standard, SES has been a steward of the technology, co-creating the HD Ready label in 2005 that helped consumers prepare for the technology. SES now broadcasts 2,500 channels in HD quality across the world, and has continued to develop the reach of the technology, notably founding HD+, a media platform operated in Germany for HD and future UHD content.

Customers consistently rate SES Video solutions as the most relevant compared to the competition. HD continues to grow in all markets, and SES is fostering this. Its investment in Latin America is a particularly good showcase for the potential of HD in today’s media environment. The recent launch of SES-10 and its start of operations represents a very exciting new opportunity for broadcasters in Latin America.

The replacement and additional capacity on SES-10 will be ideal to enable broadcasters to meet the growing demand for better picture quality in the Latin American market, where more than 80 Ultra HD channels are expected by 2025.4 SES-10 adds to a variety of investments SES has been making in the Latin American region, including the launch of the new video distribution neighbourhood with the NSS-806 satellite at 47.5 degrees west in 2014, which was paired with an antenna seeding programme."

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