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State of Digital Fatigue 2022

En collaboration avec Guru et Deel, Livestorm vous livre ce guide (en anglais) qui vous présente un état des lieux de l'évolution des modes de travail depuis la pandémie.

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  • Version PDF - 23 pages - 2022 - Anglais
State of Digital Fatigue 2022

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"We all remember what life was like before the Covid-19 pandemic: long commutes and inflexible remote work policies. The rapid adoption of remote work during the pandemic brought on a bigger cultural shift. Today nearly 25% of US based employees work from home. Remote work helps businesses keep up their operations in times of crisis, and gives workers the benefit of better flexibility and productivity. But this change didn’t come without some challenges for workers and employers alike.

Virtual meetings are the primary method of communication for most workers in a hybrid or remote environment. Livestorm, a video engagement platform, Deel, and Guru, a company knowledge base, surveyed 1,000 US based workers.


To build this report we only surveyed workers who worked in an office pre-pandemic, and have not returned fully to the office since. These workers now consider themselves to be fully remote, partially remote in a hybrid workplace or working from a place that is not their home, nor their company headquarters."

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