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Retailer’s Guide to Back-to-School E-Commerce

In this eBook, ChannelAdvisor will break down the various strategies you need to be the head of the class this season and beyond

Retailer’s Guide to Back-to-School E-Commerce

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"Students are still soaking in the summer sunshine, but the late bell is already ringing for online sellers.

As the second-largest retail event of the year, back-to-school shopping presents some incredible e-commerce opportunities. Families are spending more and starting earlier than ever in their quests for clothing, cleats, calculators and computers. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 44% of back-to- school shoppers plan to purchase these and millions of other items online.

It’s no surprise they’re heading online in droves. But while most sellers know to focus on free shipping and well-timed promotions, there’s so much more that e-commerce companies can do to gain a greater share of what’s now an $83.6 billion market.

All the tasks required to develop an effective back-to-school strategy can stack up, resulting in e-commerce team panic. To help you stay on top of your planning, we’ve rounded up important insights you can act on for a successful back-to- school season."

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