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Durable and repairable products : 20 steps to a sustainable Europe

Ce guide explique les 20 étapes à suivre pour une Europe plus durable !

Durable and repairable products : 20 steps to a sustainable Europe

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"Europeans are the largest producers of electronic waste in the world, with 16.2 kg per capita each year. This waste, insufficiently recycled, is sustained by the manufacturing of new objects that are bought, used and then thrown away when they fail, often too soon for many consumers. For most products, manufacturing accounts for the lion’s share of its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

Hence, it is of prime importance to make products last as long as possible before discarding them. Citizens show strong support for increased product longevity: 77% of European consumers would prefer to repair their products rather than buy new ones6. However, it remains difficult for citizens to action this desire; in some countries, less than half of all faulty products are repaired.

This white paper aims to provide policy guidance with the objective of closing this gap between ideals and reality, and rising to the challenge of the urgent climate crisis. With its new Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Union (EU) has the potential to put Europe at the forefront of durability: in this report, HOP details 20 measures that would make durable and repairable products the norm for 500 million European citizens, and greatly decrease our consumption’s environmental impact."

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