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GHG emissions reporting

The road to net-zero : best practices for GHG emissions reporting in transportation & logistics

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  • Version PDF - 16 pages - 2023 - Anglais

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"This comprehensive guide explains why scope 3 GHG emissions reporting for transportation and logistics is fast becoming critically important for businesses of all sizes, industries and territories.

Discover the challenges, best practices, and benefits of accurate emissions calculations and reporting, such as improving customer trust, increasing investor and stakeholder confidence, and avoiding penalties linked to new regulations emerging around the world.

Organizations are increasingly committing to reduce their carbon emissions. However, it is unrealistic for most to be able to cut out all emitting activities and truly reach ‘zero’ (sometimes called ‘absolute zero’). Instead, they must try to achieve ‘net zero’ by looking at their wider business context and finding ways to compensate for their carbon footprint.

With greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions being the major contributor to climate change, measuring and reducing these has never been more important. It is estimated that sea, air and inland transportation makes up 8% of the world’s total GHG emissions - and these rates are only predicted to increase as the world’s population expands."

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