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How to Choose a Great CMS

Le guide complet pour choisir votre prochain CMS

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  • Version PDF - 13 pages - 2021 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The first generation content management system (CMS) essentially supported your website as a digital brochure. As digital technology started to become a bit more interesting, the second generation CMS added functionality to keep pace with video, interactive multimedia, and, eventually, the social media revolution, along with the rise of mobile devices and tablets.

And then, rather suddenly, the game changed. Digital became as much about business as it had been about communications, social interaction, or technological innovation. 

Uber. Apple. Netflix. FitBit. Airbnb. Pandora. Nest. Amazon. We have seen industry after industry upended by digital technology and the reinvention of business models: music, software, TV, video, travel, retailing, telephone, news, fItness, taxis. And business disruption continues, through wearable technology, virtual reality, the Internet of Things.

Today, we are leveraging our CMS across a number of new jobs: managing content for an online store, updating a website for better brand awareness, serving up a microsite for a promotion, supporting the mobile app for the customer on-the-go. All of these new channels are combining

to help companies:
– Drive revenue
– Improve brand awareness
– Increase customer engagement and retention"

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