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7 Essential Monitoring Best Practices for Extended IT Visibility

A peer-illustrated guide to select a monitoring solution for ultimate IT visibility, Cloud and non-cloud.

  • EditeurCentreon
  • Version PDF - 30 pages - 2023 - Anglais

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"With infrastructure modernization, IT departments and ITOps teams are facing the challenge to attain the highest possible level of IT visibility as they manage digital performance and thus contribute to overall business performance.

IT availability is crucial to business, and monitoring that provides extended visibility is crucial to IT availability.

The new reality of hybrid IT, with operations spanning cloud and on-premises environments, and with monitoring solutions running either in the cloud, on-premises, or both, organizations are driven to adopt an IT monitoring solution truly capable of extending visibility throughout the full IT ecosystem.

Many factors are reinforcing this need for extensive visibility. Organizations and IT departments are constantly moving (acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, etc.).

IT systems keep evolving and are always more distributed and hybrid. IT performance management stacks are based on a host of solutions that call for different types of expertise. So, how can extensive IT visibility be achieved in such complex, constantly evolving environments?

How can performance be attained across the silos that organizations build over time? How can the blind spots generated by tool sprawl be made to disappear?

Perhaps the simple and unique answer to these questions is that it’s time to centralize and unify monitoring.

And so, this guide has been designed to help you do just that. It outlines the key aspects you need to consider in choosing a single monitoring solution which can manage today’s hybrid environments, ensuring ultimate visibility on your IT, cloud and non-cloud."

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