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Adding an Interactive Edge to Virtual Events

Discover how to create engaging virtual events that your audience will remember, and implement a high-performing event strategy for your company.

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Adding an Interactive Edge to Virtual Events

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"Why you should host online events
The frequency of online events is rising, and for good reason. Online events save money, extend the reach of events, and are easier to measure.

Save more money

The first and most evident benefit of online events is that they save a ton of money. Online events don’t need a venue, which relieves many of the needs of a live event. Renting space, paying event staff, investing in physical materials like banners and signs, plus paying for food and beverages is no longer necessary when hosting an online event. This frees up a lot of cash to be used in other smart ways.

Some of the money saved can be used to book bigger speakers and influencers. Event organizers can send these speakers high-tech setups to ensure stellar performances. Tools like webcams, microphones, and other technology can be sent to speakers in advance. After some initial practice, the speakers will be ready to deliver great talks.

Lower costs for online event organizers can be transferred to audiences, eager to virtually attend their favorite talk or conference. The price of online event tickets can be lowered for virtual attendees, making attendance rates much higher than possible with physical events. These low-priced tickets can extend the reach of conferences and events.

Broaden your reach

Physical events are limited by factors like their location, the seating capacity of the venue, the availability of parking, and laws that limit the size of large gatherings of people. Moving a physical event online knocks down all these potential barriers for audiences. This makes the possible reach of any event unlimited. Anyone in the world can attend online events.

It’s also possible to extend the reach of any online event even further after the event is over. The best online event software records presentations automatically. These replays are your greatest asset. You can use them to promote future sessions, chop them up to make promotional videos, or use clips of the most successful sessions to pitch potential partners for future online events."

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