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A marketer’s guide to automation

Le guide vous montrera qu'est-ce que l'automatisation du marketing est vraiment, les informations sur la mise en œuvre de l'automatisation et l'avenir de l'automatisation du marketing

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A marketer’s guide to automation

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"Marketing automation is poised to transform the future of digital advertising. How marketers optimize campaigns, strategies and results will be put into the hands of machines, and marketers who miss the trend will be swiftly left behind.

The massive benefits of marketing automation have put it into the spotlight. We are on the cusp of a new chapter in marketing, where marketers — enabled by automation — will spend less time controlling single campaigns, powered by data often delivered “after the fact” and more time wielding real-time analytics and fine-tuning efforts based on algorithmic recommendations.

This new approach will liberate marketers, significantly reducing resources spent on a laundry list of repetitive and time-consuming tasks that have absorbed endless hours over the last decade. The net benefit? Marketers can dedicate more time and effort to optimize their creatives, and their campaigns, thus increasing operational efficiency and generating more revenue faster.

To be clear: Machines are not going to replace marketers. What we perceive as competition between humans and machines is, in fact, the basis for a cooperation that powers positive results for all parties. In fact, as marketers continue to align their abilities to understand and engage their audience with the capabilities of machines to manage campaigns end-to-end, marketers will find the bond between humans (marketers) and machines (automation) is unbeatable.

This is the view of Tolga Kuzdere, a marketing and automation thought leader and Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Akbank, and author of this book. Drawing from his personal experience and expertise, Tolga has developed this ebook to help marketers grasp
the basics of automation and explain what he calls the “beneficial symbiotic relationship” between marketers and machines in detail. Use this expert guide to understand why automation is inevitable and how it will shape the future of digital marketing."

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