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How to get started with webinars

Ce livre blanc vous explique les fondamentaux de la mise en place de webinars.

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How to get started with webinars

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The term webinar is short for web-based seminar. A webinar can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar.

There are several ways to call it but, at the end of the day, it consists in transmitting a video conference over the Web. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time from a small group of presenters (often one or two) to a large audience (up to thousands).

Another characteristic is that, while the presenters are speaking they can share their screen, their webcam or even documents to the audience.

Let me show you how to do webinars to maximize your ROI. Not every company, small or big, are doing webinars. And that’s a shame. Here at Livestorm, we believe that live streaming events (webcasts, webinars, etc.) can have a huge impact on a company’s revenue, marketing and visibility."

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