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Emerging from Lockdown

Utilisation des technologies numériques pour la reprise et la prospérité après la crise du Covid-19.

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  • Version PDF - 36 pages - 2020 - Anglais
Emerging from Lockdown

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The idea for Elium germinated in a very different world to the one we are in today. In 2007, during the final year of my studies, I founded the company with fellow student Raphaël Slinckx and colleague Olivier Verbeke. We were studying and working in a world of emerging technologies. The democratisation of knowledge was just beginning – the idea of sharing music playlists and compiling lists was new and held exciting potential. People had started using Blackberries and iPhones. At university, collaboration tools like Google Docs were just emerging as helpful technologies for knowledge sharing. But I realised that people were exchanging information over coffee breaks, or by email, and there was no record – the exchange was lost.

This didn’t seem efficient to me when technologies could offer so much more. I believed people could work and study more productively if technology could make knowledge and resources more visible. It was really that simple – it was about creating nicer user interfaces and improving the user experience for knowledge sharing and knowledge searches.

A lot has changed since then.

Over the past thirteen years, our software service has grown with our clients and expanded with the surrounding technologies. Working with rapidly evolving digitalisation, we have helped businesses to weather a major recession, boost the efficiency of their communication processes and dramatically enhance their collaborative capacities. What hasn’t changed, is the need to connect employees, the need to align teams, and the need to communicate. Ironically, despite a plethora of communication apps and social media platforms, the need to organise knowledge and communicate are now stronger than ever for organisations and businesses."

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