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Routine vaccination in a time of pandemic

Tout ce qu'il faut savoir à propos de la vaccination de routine en période de pandémie.

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  • Version PDF - 30 pages - 2021 - Anglais
Routine vaccination in a time of pandemic

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"As the world is facing a global & devastating infectious disease pandemic, the fight against other infectious agents, that starts early in life with vaccination, is surprisingly having a very hard time. Indeed, the lockdown periods have led to an incredible drop in routine vaccination rates. This reality can be observed everywhere, either in countries with mandatory vaccination programs like France that had set-up 11 mandatory vaccines just 1 year before COVID-19 irrupted in our lives, or in countries that have a long history of strong vaccine culture and obtain a high coverage rate without obligation.

European countries were, before the pandemic, among the most advanced in the world in terms of vaccination but this major challenger has revealed that the system is not that solid to withstand such a crisis. In that context, the evolution of vaccine coverage rates is a wide question: what are the trends for coverage, what could be their impact on the country and epidemiology, and what actions should be considered to sustain vaccination programs ?

At the dawn of massive vaccination campaigns against COVID, the protection against other infectious disease remains a hot topic that cannot be neglected. Alcimed is willing here to explore the impact of the pandemic on other diseases’ vaccination rates and to discuss the action plan that could be foreseen to maintain and strengthen in the long run the results obtained before this crisis."


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