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Online Marketplaces Springboards to Cross-Border E-Commerce

Ce livre blanc vous livre les clés pour un positionnement efficace sur les marketplaces européennes, véritables tremplins pour le e-commerce transfrontalier


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"A successful customer journey from A to Z

Customers want to buy carefully selected goods at the best price—and hold them in their hands as quickly as possible. As a retailer, you should therefore be well informed about the specifics of the target market, such as customer com- munication, preferred payment methods and preferred shipping options, in order to make informed decisions. Only a perfect buying and shipping experience leads to sustainable customer loyalty across borders.

Online marketplaces: Springboards to cross-border e-commerce
Trading via online marketplaces is an essential component of e-commerce.
More than 50 percent of global e-commerce is handled through them. Distribution via a marketplace is the most uncomplicated solution for you to internationalise your shop and offer your products to a much larger number of customers.

The fast way to the customer: Shipping via a delivery platform
Shipping is becoming more and more the focus of the successful sales process. The challenge here is to find a solution that on the one hand meets the requirements of the marketplaces and on the other meets the increasing customer demands. A delivery platform that handles the entire logistics process for you, including returns, is an efficient, cost-effective and not least stress-free alternative to existing shipping solutions.

Focus on four European growth markets
We explain the most important steps to successful marketplace sales and distri- bution and introduce you to particularly interesting markets: Great Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland. These markets offer excellent growth opportunities for you."

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