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Three Field Service Management trends you can’t ignore

Trois tendances du Field Service Management (FSM).

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Three field service management trends you can’t ignore

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"Field service management (FSM) operations are under unprecedented pressure from competitors and from increasingly demanding customers. In this whitepaper, we will discuss how these market pressures are driving three distinct but inter-related trends. We will also offer insights into how you can select FSM software technologies to stay ahead of these trends, exceed customer expectations and drive efficiency and profit across your operation. The trends driving our industry and the FSM software we will be selecting and implementing going forward include:

  • • Mobility
  • • Scheduling Optimization
  • • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


Due to pervasive and rapidly advancing consumer technology, managers and field technicians themselves expect to be able to interact with FSM software they use to manage their business using mobile devices, including smartphones. Regardless of whether they are accessing their FSM software applications on a mobile device or on a laptop or desktop computer, users are expecting the same tools and the same functionality. This is what we strive to deliver with IFS Metrix Service Management and IFS Mobile.

We believe that FSM software must accommodate this expectation for an easy-to-use platform that supports multiple devices, including laptops, handheld devices, rugged devices and tablets, so the technician has a guided work flow regardless of whether or not they are connected to the back office. This technology needs to function without a lot of technician administrative overhead so they can work untethered or connected to the back office at any particular point in time. Mobile FSM software must be more than a browser-based app … it needs to be a native app designed for the platform than can use the native features of the device to, for instance, reading QR codes or bar codes for part consumption. The device’s GPS services may be used for locating a part in the service supply chain."

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