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Is Joining-up the Next Frontier for public sector digital services ?

Digital transformation is making life easier for citizens and more efficient for government departments.

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  • Version PDF - 14 pages - 2022 - Anglais
Livre blanc - Is Joining-up the Next Frontier for public sector digital services ? - Valtech

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"However, unlocking additional waves of efficiency and effectiveness will depend on connecting these digital services, making them more joined-up. This paper explores the advantages and suggests ways to identify where the opportunities for joining-up lie .

Joined-up services can save citizens’ time and provide them with a better, more integrated experience. And they can help government operate more efficiently. Of course, it’s already happening in some areas.

For example, instead of needing to take a photo and submit it to each department, the Passport Office and Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) work together so that when you apply for a driving license, you can use your existing passport photo. Another example is DWP validating earnings information with HMRC to reduce fraud and error in the benefit and tax credit systems, an initiative that could save taxpayers tens if not hundreds of millions.

Going forward, it’s likely that citizens’ expectations of what government digital services can deliver will only increase.

People’s experience of consumer/private sector services such as Amazon and Deliveroo demonstrate what’s possible as they continue to evolve"

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