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Scaled Agile Framework : 10 Steps to Improve Your SAFe Adoption

How to move on from here and turn to a successful organizational transformation?

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  • Version PDF - 23 pages - 2022 - Français
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"When we engage with new clients, it is often after they started to transform their product development organization from "single scrum team" to "multiple scrum teams" using an agile scaling framework.

In many of these cases, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) was chosen. Despite indisputable benefits of this agile scaling framework, such as its seemingly easy introduction by utilizing existing organizational structures, critical minds observe that even after a "by the book" implementation, the following qualities are implemented slower than expected: / reduced time to market / increase in quality / increase in productivity / higher employee engagement

If you want to learn about root causes of organizational dilemmas, you may want to investigate the symptoms that still prevail despite an adopted SAFe transformation approach. In most cases, the root cause for the lack of success of agile transformations following prescriptive frameworks like SAFe is an insufficient understanding of the underlying lean and agile principles and neglecting the fact that applying them requires a deep cultural change.

This leads to a focus on processes and roles instead of a lasting change in employees’ as well as management’s behavior. In the following pages, you'll find a 10-step guide on moving on from, and how to overcome the organizational dilemmas experienced as a result of SAFe implementation."

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