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L’industrie du tourisme haut de gamme post pandémie

Comment les marques peuvent-elles les attirer ?

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  • Version PDF - 47 pages - 2023 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The travel industry, and especially the luxury segment, is continuing to bounce back with renewed energy in the wake of the pandemic. The pace is gathering for longer and bigger trips and new luxury travel priorities are emerging. As such, the concept of luxury is being redefined and consumers are seeking more meaningful, purposeful travel experiences during their trips. Affluent travelers are after unique and memorable travel experiences, that are one of a kind, and create lasting impressions. They are also approaching travel in a more conscious and sustainable way.

This YouGov report sets out to get under the skin of highend travel, to understand what luxury travel looks like postpandemic, explore what luxury travel experiences consumers and affluent consumers* are seeking, what they are prepared to pay for, what they aspire to, and ultimately, what their future luxury travel experience would be. Using recent YouGov data across 18 international markets, our research focuses on the attitudes and behavior of affluent consumers, particularly the affluent under 35s – the audience that will shape the luxury travel industry of the future.

This report will also help marketers and travel companies gain a better understanding of luxury travel audiences. Please note, our survey samples in East Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, as well as India are not all nationally representative (with some being representative of the online or urban population; see methodology for details)."

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