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A guide for developing a request for proposal for language training services

Guide de rédaction d’un appel à propositions dans le cadre d’un dispositif de formation linguistique.

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  • Version PDF - 19 pages - 2012 - Anglais
Guide de rédaction d’un appel à propositions dans le cadre d’un dispositif de formation linguistique

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"In the field of corporate English language training, much reflection has been done on the impact of globalization on the workforce: how it has intensified the need for fast and effective communication among employees and offices worldwide, and how it has consequently increased the pressure on workers to improve their English language skills.

The resulting diversity of English training programs available to companies, as well as the sheer variety of English language needs in business, underlines the importance of a clear strategy for companies as they select the most suitable language training provider for their purposes.

How can companies choose and implement a successful English language training program -- one that delivers powerful, long-term results at both the corporate and individual levels?

Current employees of global companies have already received some formal instruction in English. For many of them, this instruction occurred in the distant past, through traditional methods of teaching: face-to-face lectures, grammar drills, and vocabulary memorization activities.

Most employees thus possess a working knowledge of English, but lack the full command of the language that is necessary for effective communication in today’s global marketplace, where they need to perform very specific business communication tasks.

Does the learner need to learn management vocabulary? Is he responsible for handling customer complaints? Does the learner often travel for presentations and meetings?

Each of these learners will require a particular selection of learning materials and an individualized course design. It is this specificity in employees’ learning needs that companies must address through their selected language training solution."

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