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The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS

How the next generation of agile and content-first CMS options can work for you.

  • EditeurValtech
  • Version PDF - 15 pages - 2021 - Français
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"Let’s take a minute to talk about terminology. Headless and decoupled describe the architecture behind modern CMSes and differentiate these systems from traditional CMSes and their limitations. Unfortunately, these technical labels do little to help decision-makers and non-technical users understand what modern CMSes do differently.

This is often exacerbated by communication challenges between developers and other team members.

When it comes to selecting a CMS, it’s important that product managers need to consider the future needs of their products and how the CMS will impact them. Traditional CMSes were made for websites, and despite efforts to modernize them and make them more omni-channel-friendly, they are falling behind competitors who have reimagined content management from a content-first approach.

Businesses that cling to the familiar CMS model will find themselves falling behind too."

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