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Data as a super enabler of trust

Reboot the B2B Mindset of Big Pharma.

  • EditeurValtech
  • Version PDF - 25 pages - 2022 - Français
Livre blanc - Data as a super enabler of trust - Valtech

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"The pandemic outbreak was a transformational shock, an unpredictable event carrying a massive impact within weeks. Societies all over the world shut down simultaneously.

By September 2022, the coronavirus had caused 618 million identified cases and 6.5 million deaths1 . Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), notably cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases, are the leading global causes of death and disability.

The aftershock of the pandemic has dramatically reduced the systemic capacity to deliver NCD care. The unmet need for NCD care will lead to billions of dollars in financial loss each year"

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