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Partenering playbook: Hox to efficiently search for the best partners in 3 keys steps

Dans ce livre blanc, vous explorerez : une approche simple et structurée pour optimiser le temps et l’effort de recherche de tout partenaire, les principaux critères à prendre en compte pour identifier et évaluer la pertinence des prospects, comment éviter les principaux pièges qui se cachent en cours de route.

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  • Version PDF - 13 pages - Février 2022 - Anglais
Partenering playbook: Hox to efficiently search for the best partners in 3 keys steps

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"It is a raging debate between business strategists around the world: is business tougher than before in the globalized era we live in? The answer seems obvious - the business environment is increasingly complex with one-day trends, interconnected consumers around the world, thousands of influencers from social networks, and faster paced technological evolution.

In our opinion, business isn’t tougher than before, at least for companies aware that they are now part of an ecosystem and take advantage of it. However, the purpose here is not to close this debate because whatever the answer is, your final goal remains the same: outperforming the competition, capturing growth and securing your place on the market. To do so, a company needs to anticipate tomorrow’s customers and get ready to produce at the right scale. Anticipation is key and only those using their ecosystem to be at the right place at the right time will capture the so-called “AHA moment” (whatever it means to you).

From what we observe, most companies have understood this ecosystemic approach and realize that innovation, time to market and agility are more important than ever before to stay ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, whether you are a large established company rooted in a certain core business, or an emerging startup struggling to find customers and scale up production, you can either be at the right place or at the right time. Rarely both. Only a few companies, led by visionaries or gamblers may satisfy these two conditions simultaneously. For the rest of them, there will always be something missing to bridge the gap between you and your future successful offer. And this is where finding the right business partner present in your ecosystem comes into play.

Along your value chain are many areas where a potential partner’s inputs may be game changing: Sourcing (technology, raw materials...), Production capabilities (industrial know-how, scale...), Distribution (geographies, channels...), or Research & development. Indeed, it is easy for a company to define the gap between its own capabilities and the desired value proposition, and not that hard to identify potential suppliers. Then things get tougher. The partner assessment step is the most critical part of the whole process, when you must directly interact with potential suppliers and go with one. This is often at this step that the process falls apart due to time, technical know- how, and/or money issues.

If you have read up to this point, you may neither be a visionary nor a gambler but a professional chasing your “AHA moment.” In this white paper, Alcimed wants to bring you some support and share an end-to-end approach to partnering drawn from its 25 years of exploration."

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