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Birthday emails : examples and tips for birthday email marketing

This whitepaper gives you real life examples of birthday e-mails with some added comments, so you can avoid running out of cake and make this the best party ever.

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  • Version PDF - 12 pages - 2012 - Anglais

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"A world-class birthday email can help you break the mold, present an original message, surprise your recipients, increase revenue and even build customer loyalty.

That is why this special type of Event Driven Email is a all-time marketers’ favorite. But crafting a quality birthday e-mail does take some effort.

Birthday emails tend to get better results than normal email campaigns. On average a 300 % higher open rate and 100 % higher click-through rate. Enough reason to use them! wants you to buy. Their 10% discount isn’t called a gift and the CTA button reads “Shop Now”, a very no-nonsense approach. Remember these emails are sent throughout the year, at the same time as your other promotions.

Kenneth Cole uses his own birthday to very personally ask for the birthdate of his subscribers.

If there are concerns that some subscribers might not want to reveal their age, The alternative is to ask for month and date. ”We are all 21 anyway”.

Although you have to read (not scan) the whole email until the message becomes crystal clear."


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