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Analysis, Search and Comparison.

  • EditeurLTU Tech
  • Version PDF - 22 pages - 2022 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"LTU, is a Paris ased software publisher specializing in visual recognition. Their suite of tools provides an innovative mechanism which will analyze and define an image by assigning it a unique "signature" or "fingerprint". This code enables their proprietary algorithms to detect and identify any images which are identical or a close match within a prescribed dataset.

The performance of this patented technology is stand-out in the competitive world of image recognition. It has been optimised to allow the user to index a private database of million of images on a standard server, which will then return search results in a matter of miliseconds.

LTU technology is available either as licensed soware or via a hosted platform. In cases where security is paramount, the user can choose to deploy the tools on their own servers, or more commonly to use LTU’s Cloud service which removes the need for hardware purchase and manual soware updates."

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