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Technical SEO for non-technical thinkers

Cet ebook examine le type de questions posé par le SEO technique, le type de réponses qu’il vise à fournir et la manière dont celles-ci influencent les performances SEO d’un site web

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Technical SEO for non-technical thinkers

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Technical SEO is the hands-on, under-the-hood version of SEO. If you’re reading this, it’s because you or someone you’re working with is interested in finding SEO solutions based on the how and the why of how search (and websites) work.

Technical SEO is an assurance, from the technical point of view, that your published content is indexable by the search engines that operate ... because they aren’t perfect.
-Detlef Johnson - SEO in Orbit, Episode 1

This ebook will look at the type of questions technical SEO asks, the sort of answers it aims to provide, and how these drive a website’s SEO performance.

Making technical SEO accessible to non-technical individuals is EVERYTHING!
Murky technical knowledge is not only a disservice to your client/boss but it hinders your ability to move the needle and grow professionally.
While it can seem intimidating, most concepts are fairly easy to grasp. Understanding how a website and crawlers works help to make everything click and gives you a confidence boost.
You owe it to yourself to level up your technical knowledge.
-Britney Muller"

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