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Restaurant Revolution Serving Up Better Customer Engagement

Ce livre blanc à destination des enseignes de restauration détaille les étapes à suivre afin de bâtir une stratégie digitale efficace.


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"The restaurant vertical is one hallmarked by fluctuating fortunes and oftentimes elusive financial sustainability. COVID-19’s economic toll on the sector hasn’t been evenly distributed. Whereas pizza chains and coffee shops have maintained or increased sales during the pandemic, casual- and fine-dining restaurants have seen their revenues decline by as much as 85%, with some establishments unfortunately shutting their doors and falling to zero.

Obviously some restaurants are better set up for takeout than others, but what has truly separated the winners and losers in this tumultuous time is the digital infrastructure that underpins each individual restaurant brand.

We may as a collective be tired of phrases like “the new normal,” but the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered changes in dining behaviors that are likely to have lasting effects — so it’s time to get your digital house in order. That means going beyond digital punch cards or sending a weekly email blast to all your subscribers.

This guide will take you through laying the groundwork for digital success and building a sound digital ecosystem above it. As well as empowering you with the theory, we will give you some key questions per section that you need to ask your current technology partners to help you get your house in order."

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