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Still the powerful engagement tool that turns marketing dollars into highest ROI

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"E‐mail marketing’s popularity is attributable to its low cost, high ROI (Return‐On‐Investment) and focus on customer retention. While the economic crisis will force retailers to cut back on many important marketing and technology initiatives, e‐mail programs will survive relatively unscathed.

Odds are your marketing budget has felt the negative impact of growing concerns over the worldwide economy. Small businesses and large corporations alike have been forced to erase entire sections of their 2009 marketing “wish list” in response to a bleak economic forecast that has many marketers evaluating the cost‐effectiveness and ROI of previously ironclad marketing vehicles. 

Amid the turmoil, e‐mail marketing has remained a staple due to its cost‐effectiveness and flexibility. At a fraction of a penny per message, the value of an e‐mail campaign compared to an expensive direct mail communication is substantial. However, getting the most from your e‐mail marketing campaigns during tough economic times may require a different approach than what you’ve done before."

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