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Laying the groundwork for UC Network Performance

Ce livre blanc explique comment utiliser les outils Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) pour établir le meilleur cadre possible pour la performance des performances de réseau de communications unifiées (UC).

  • EditeurMitel
  • Version PDF - 9 pages - 2017 - Français
Laying the groundwork for UC Network Performance

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) is designed to make enterprise IT, channel partners, and managed service providers more proactive in detecting and addressing performance issues before they can become big, userimpacting problems. Preventing problems before they occur means less drain on IT resources and a better user experience. This application note looks at how to establish the best possible foundation for unified communications (UC) network performance success with MPA. In particular, we look at the following best practices to plan and prevent problems with MPA:

  • • Assessing Network Health Pre-Deployment
  • • Enabling Voice Quality Monitoring and Thresholds
  • • Configuring Probe Activity Thresholds
  • • Improve capacity planning and load balancing with trunk utilization monitoring

Pre-Deployment Network Assessment With UCScore

Onboarding is among the most critical success factors for a UC deployment. UCScore site qualification tests your network to confirm its fitness for UC deployment.

UCScore establishes a strong foundation for your UC network from the start, preventing problems resulting from overcapacity, such as echo, delay, or jitter. Unlike alternatives, UCScore tests what matters to UC, so you’ll have a clear, accurate assessment of the impact a planned UC deployment will have on your network. Network fitness is no longer an unknown but clearly assessed and understood prior to deployment."

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