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What Top Tech Employers Do Differently

New Hiring Data to Win in 2023.

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"This year, employers continued to assess hybrid and flexible work options for various reasons, ranging from real estate expenses to management concerns. Meanwhile, as the bloom faded on the Great You Know What, more employees found themselves disengaged from their jobs. A lack of clarity of expectations, of opportunities to learn and grow, and of a connection to the company’s mission led to the “quiet quitting” phenomenon.

As 2022 draws to a close amid a volatile economy, a chorus of executives conceded to implement layoffs and hiring freezes. These circumstances have arguably created one of the top talent markets for companies still growing and actively hiring.

At Hired, we believe every company is more than a brand based on its product or service. It also has an employer brand. And in times of exceptional volatility, maintaining a positive employer brand and reputation is essential to cultivating a culture that attracts and retains the best talent.

In this report, we’ve evaluated employers on our marketplace on many traditional recruiting benchmarks. What makes this report different, is we’ve regarded them through the lens of what we believe are three core values of a successful employer brand: Equity, Efficiency, and Transparency"

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